Heal Me

Hester Scheurwater & Roald de Boer

Video, 4 min.


A women is standing barefoot on a tile floor. In slow motion, the investigative camera circles around her. Her breasts are bared and liquid runs down her legs. Bit by bit, every part of her body is shown, except her face, which remains hidden behind her hair. The camera besets the women, who remains silent.


Director   Hester Scheurwater & Roald de Boer
Camera   Roald de Boer
Actors   Hester Scheurwater
Music   Ry Cooder- Paris Texas
Distribution   Video Data Bank


Screenings selection:

Metropolis TVE Spain

Festival BAVF~NAF

Bandung Indonesia

Festival Tres Court, Tres d’Esprit Paris France

Museum of Modern Art/ Chicago Filmmaker Digital Festival USA

Viper, Basel Switserland

Walker Art Center, Minneapolis USA

Estavar-Llivia, broadcasting TV France

Nederlands Filmfestival

International Film Festival Rotterdam PREMIERRE