Poster Girl | 5 minuten | video | Hester Scheurwater | 2003

As if trapped in the middle of a nightmare, the main protagonist of Poster Girl is haunted by disturbing visions, thoughts, and fantasies, to which the viewer is likewise privy.  She is joined at various points in the video by another woman, whose role in the narrative remains unclear—is she meant to function as a guardian or a demon?  The video further complicates the matter by representing both women as simultaneously wounded and wounding, inviting and threatening, vulnerable and menacing.  What results is a compelling, albeit disconcerting, glimpse into the tumultuous inner life of an adult woman.


Director    Hester Scheurwater
Camera    Hester Scheurwater
Actors    Patricia Pattipeilohy & Hester Scheurwater
Music    sample Chicks on Speed
Distribution    Video Data Bank


Sreenings selection:

Cucularos Filmfestival USA

International FilM Festival Rotterdam the Netherlands

Video Mundi, Chicago Culturul Centre, USA

Blanton Museum Texas USA