all sorts of stuff. just askPrix de Rome

Inner walk Computer animated video environment 2001 Selected for the second round of the Prix de Rome, film/video 2002 Inner walk shows an idea (sketch) for a filmscape, a 3 dimensional film and surrealistic dreamscape […]

all sorts of stuff. just askI Wanted You

I Wanted You Hester Scheurwater Video, 3 min. 2001 experimental I Wanted You shows a woman who is crawling over the floor. She is only wearing tights and two red shoes with high heels. Her […]

all sorts of stuff. just askPoster Girl

Poster Girl | 5 minuten | video | Hester Scheurwater | 2003 As if trapped in the middle of a nightmare, the main protagonist of Poster Girl is haunted by disturbing visions, thoughts, and fantasies, to which […]