25 juni 2015


ARLES – BOOK :   ALL I EVER WANTED – Hester Scheurwater publisher EDITIONS BESSARD introduction by Patrick Remy designed by Bureau Kayser Limited edition of 500      75,- euro Artist edition 25 copies  400,- euro […]

29 januari 2015

Une Femme est Une Femme

text catalogue Une Femme est Une Femme group exhibition PAK Gistel Belgium Interview met Hester Scheurwater (NL)(1971) (Hilde Van Canneyt) HVC: Hester, jij ziet jezelf niet als een fotograaf. Foto’s zijn soms gewoon het eerlijkst […]

6 februari 2013

Zine Garden Delight 25,-

Zine Garden Delight Hester Scheurwater
softcover zine edition 100 | signed and numbered

5 juli 2012

Book Shooting Back

edited by Walter Keller

“Scheurwater’s work evolves in the tradition of the self-portrait in photography. Think for example of Robert Mapplethorpe’s sexually charged visual provocations or Francesca Woodman’s erotic mise-en-scène, to name only two artists. “

30 december 2011

European Photography

What does “privacy” mean to you?
Privacy is the field in which I examine my own physicality without limits, it’s oscillating between mental play and physical truth.

1 november 2011

C Photo Ivorypress

Photographers published are Rico Scagliola & Michael Meier, Jacques Henri Lartigue, Thomas Struth, Pawel Juszczuk, Federico Patellani, Edward Quinn, Hester Scheurwater, Garry Winogrand, Guy Bourdin, Jules Spinatsch, Ghislain Dussart, Slim Aarons.

28 juni 2011

ZOO Magazine

Controversial artist Hester Scheurwater circumvents censorship
by Catherine Somzé/photography Hester Scheurwater for ZOO magazine

17 april 2010

Volkskrant Magazine

Kunst in spreidstand | Tekst Wim de Jong 17/04/10

‘Erotiek, zo’n kutwoord. Ja, misschien wel het verschrikkelijkste woord dat er is. Veel te soft.’

30 januari 2002

Prix de Rome

INNER WALK nominated for Prix de Rome Film & Video 2002