all sorts of stuff. just askWalter Keller (1953-2014)

Walter Keller (1953–2014)
Walter Keller (1953–2014) passed away. I remember him as a very intelligent, inspirational and unconventional ‘master’ in his view on photography and art. I had the pleasure and honor of working closely with Walter Keller which resulted in his great editing and publishing of my first book Shooting Back (Gerber & Keller, 2011 Zurich).

all sorts of stuff. just askFACELESS Exhibition

Seduction, surveillance, privacy | Mediamatic Amsterdam. My work is featured in the exhibition FACELESS at MEDIAMATIC Amsterdam. This exhibition shows the trend to hide, alter or mask the face. A trend visible in art, fashion […]

all sorts of stuff. just askFACELESS Vienna

Faceless Museums Quarties Vienna

 “Artists (Selection):Marina Abramović (SRB/USA), Martin Backes (GER), Thorsten Brinkmann (GER), Asger Carlsen (DEN/USA), Paul DeFlorian (AUT/GER), D+M (Dora Budor & Maja Cule) (CRO/USA), Caron Geary (GBR), Harem Royal (SRB), David Haines (GBR/NED), Stefan Hechenberger (AUT), […]