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For those who have been waiting for a photographer to critically engage the wider phenomenon of the selfie, Scheurwater’s bluntly audacious photobook is memorably biting. She’s given us the mannered freedom and sexiness we’re supposed to want (or want to be), incisively exposing the two poles of exhibitionism and voyeurism that now dominate the Facebook-age.

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Dear Admirers of Beauty, please bear with us, and please, have a closer look at the strength of these images that might at first shock you, or seem hard to look at. Scheurwater examines her own physicality without limits; accepts every possible aspect of her bodily presence, and even celebrates the clumsiness of the female form.

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The Split Essay by Anabella Lacroix for International Foto Bienale Ballarat Australia | Hester Scheurwater explores how we respond to images by using the duality between the public arena and our privacy. The artist also uses photography to question the politics at play within the image, positioning the body as a social construct.

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Essay by Gery van Tenderloo for Solo Hester Scheurwater at De Paardenstallen Broelmuseum Kortrijk.
Een tentoonstelling, een stunt of een gemeend meegaan met haar moedige houding de kunst en de beeldvorming kritisch benaderen? Een conservatieve oppositie of een progressief breken van taboes?

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Artist Hester Scheurwater is exploring voyeurism, the power of female sexuality, and the hypocrisy of social media with her eye cast not outward but inward. She is using herself as a canvas; often to reflect the tenuous boundaries between what is public and what is private.

all sorts of stuff. just askInterview | Volkskrant

Tekst Wim de Jong, Adriaan van der Ploeg − 17/04/10, 00:00
Met de foto’s die Hester Scheurwater van zichzelf op Facebook en YouTube plaatste, verwierf de kunstenares zekere faam. En juist nu die websites haar werk in de ban doen, wordt ze bekend bij een groter publiek….

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Hester Scheurwater