all sorts of stuff. just askFACELESS Exhibition

Seduction, surveillance, privacy | Mediamatic Amsterdam. My work is featured in the exhibition FACELESS at MEDIAMATIC Amsterdam. This exhibition shows the trend to hide, alter or mask the face. A trend visible in art, fashion […]

all sorts of stuff. just askAVRO’s Kunstuur


AVRO’s KUNSTUUR 21 december Ned 2. Honored to be one of the speakers to say something on Frans Zwartjes exhibition The Holy Family GEM The Hague, see interview from 20.00 min.

all sorts of stuff. just askFACELESS Vienna

Faceless Museums Quarties Vienna

 “Artists (Selection):Marina Abramović (SRB/USA), Martin Backes (GER), Thorsten Brinkmann (GER), Asger Carlsen (DEN/USA), Paul DeFlorian (AUT/GER), D+M (Dora Budor & Maja Cule) (CRO/USA), Caron Geary (GBR), Harem Royal (SRB), David Haines (GBR/NED), Stefan Hechenberger (AUT), […]